Perpetual Annual Trophy

SMEGB Bible Kalotsavam Perpetual Annual Trophy rules

 This is awarded annually to the winner and runner up.

The points are calculated for each regions as follows:

a). Individual items points:

1st prize – 5 points ; 2nd prize – 3points ; 3rd prize – 1point. 

b). Group items points:

2persons: 1st prize – 7 points; 2nd prize – 5 points ; 3rd prize – 3 points. 

4+ persons: 1st prize – 10points ; 2nd  prize – 7 points;  3rd prize -5 points.

  1. The region that wins the trophy for 3 consecutive years retains the cup and a new cup will be reinstated.
  2. The winner and runner up region will be able to retain the trophy and must return it the day before the next annual Kalotsavam.
  3. It is the responsibility of the winning recipient (Regional coordinator) for its safekeeping during the coming year and will be liable for any loss or damage costs.
  4. In an unfortunate turn of events when no further Bible Kalotsavam is conducted the last winner should return the cup back to the Bible Apostolate – SMEGB


Perpetual Trophy rules