Virtual Bible Kalotsavam 2020

As we are living in unprecedented times, some significant changes have had to be made in the way Bible Kalotsavam is conducted. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Bible Kalotsavam 2020 will be conducted virtually, with a limited number of competitions. Eparchial Kalotsavam is aimed at promoting the Bible and the Christian faith. The Christian spirit is expected from every participant. Let this virtual Bible Kalotsavam be a blessed experience for all the families in our Eparchy.

To participate in the competitions, the participant must complete the online registration form/consent form or the participants can contact their Parish/Mission/proposed mission co-ordinator. The co-ordinator can complete the online registration form on behalf of the participant.

There will only be Eparchial Bible Kalotsavam this year. There will be no unit level or regional level competitions. Regional winners and National winners will be selected from submitted National level competitions.

Each participant can only take part in a maximum of 3 individual items and any 2 out of 4 family items.

There is no limit on the number of participants wishing to take part in the competitions from a single Parish/Mission/proposed mission.

Please use the following link to register for Bible Kalotsavam 2020.

Virtual Bible Kalotsavam 2020 Registration Form

Rules Amended – Please see the Virtual Bible Kalotsavam 2020 Rules and Guidelines for detailed information.

CSMEGB Online Bible Kalotsavam 2020 Final 2.9 29.09.2020

 Age Categorisation

Age Categorisation – Virtual Bible Kalotsavam 2020

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 If you have any urgent queries, please contact one of the following team co-ordinators.

Antony Mathew on 07939285457

John Kurian on 07791555556

Murphy Thomas on 07578649312