Suvara 2020

Suvara 2020 Grand Finale –  Rules & Regulations

Date : 28/11/2020

Suvara 2020 Grand Finale – Guidelines V2


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Rules & Regulations

1. Appendix 1

This section describes the special rules added to the general rules to give more clarity to the general rules of the Online Bible Quiz. All participants must read this document carefully to understand it.

1.1.        Selection to the Finals

  • It has already been stated in the general rules that only the top 8 participants from each age group will be selected to the Finals. These rules from 1.1.2 are applicable only if there is a tie in the semi-final round (round 3).
  • If a situation arises as in 1.1.1, then the scores of individual quizzes in round 3 will be considered to break the tie. The order of individual quizzes considered will be from latest to the oldest (quiz 3 first, then quiz 2 and if there is still a tie then score of quiz 1 will be used).
  • If there is still a tie, then round 2 marks of the candidates will be considered to break the tie followed by scores of individual quizzes in round 2 as described in 1.1.2.
  • Only quiz 4 and quiz 3 from round 2 will be considered for the above rule 1.1.3.

Appendix 1 V1.2


Suvara (Good News) 2020 – Online Bible Quiz 

Round 3 Week 3 on Saturday, 15th August 2020  

8 – 10 years – 6:30pm

Topic: 2nd Corinthians : Chapters 1-13

11 – 13 years – 7:30pm

Topic: Psalms : Chapters: 21-30, Revelation: Chapters: 1-5

14 – 17 years – 8:30pm

Topic: Jeremiah : Chapters 17 – 22, Colossians: Chapters 3 -4


Bible Quiz Topics chart – Round 3

Online Bible Quiz Schedule V4




Suvara – Online Bible Quiz 2020 

Under the patronage of His Excellency Mar Joseph Srampickal (Bishop, Syro-Malabar Eparchy of Great Britain) and guidance of Rev Fr. Jino Arikkatt MCBS (Syncellus in charge of CSMEGB Commission for Bible Apostolate) & Rev. Fr. George Ettuparayil (Chairman, CSMEGB Commission for Bible Apostolate), CSMEGB Bible Apostolate is conducting an online Bible Quiz competition for CSMEGB Catechism students on Saturdays from 6th June to 29th August 2020.

The Bible Apostolate firmly believes that even under the current difficult circumstances we should continue to carry out our responsibility of living the faith that we have received and have preserved for generations. With very limited scope for executing many of the planned activities of the Bible Apostolate, it has been decided to organise an Online Bible Quiz for our children.

The aim of this Bible Quiz competition is to encourage our Catechism students to study the Holy Bible thoroughly and help them to grow further in their Catholic faith.

CSMEGB Bible Apostolate requests your prayers, encouragement and active participation to make this a successful event.

The competition will be held for three age categories: 8 – 10 years, 11 – 13 years and 14 – 17 years.

The start times of the quiz on Saturdays are as shown below.

8 – 10 years – 6:30 pm

11 – 13 years – 7:30 pm

14 – 17 years – 8:30 pm

Registration opens on 25th May 2020 and closes on 10th June 2020.

Online registration is required for participation in the Bible Quiz competition. Please read through the competition rules and guidelines and familiarise with the terms and conditions before completing the online registration form.

Registration closed on 10th June 2020


CSMEGB Online Bibile Quiz Rules and Regulation V1.5 Updated

Appendix 1 V1.2

Bible Quiz Topics chart – Round 3

Online Bible Quiz Schedule V4

Bible Quiz Flyer