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12 2017 Circular on Bible Apostolate (1)

Mar Joseph Srampickal Bishop, Syro Malabar Eparchy of Great Britain

Bishop’s Office

St. Alphonsa of Immaculate Conception Cathedral,

St. Ignatius Square

Preston, Lancashire

United Kingdom


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Circular 12/2017 8 April 2017

Eparchial Bible Apostolate

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ,

The supreme vocation of the Christian is to encounter, pray and live the Word of God. (Lineamenta for the synod on the Word of God, 24). Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI says the Church is a community that hears and proclaims the word of God. (Address to the International Congress “Sacred Scripture in the Life of the Church). To achieve an increased emphasis on the Bible in the Church’s pastoral activity, biblical apostolate is a very valuable means. (Verbum Domini, 75)

We have to make Jesus, who is the Word of God incarnate, known, loved, and preserved in the hearts of all. Syro-Malabar Eparchial Bible Apostolate aims to make sure that the communities understand the importance of reading, studying, contemplating, praying, living and sharing the Word of God. All must respect the Bible as the written Word of God and to live it in their daily lives. God promised prosperity to Israel if they put the words of God in their heart and soul and teach them to their children (Dt 11:18-21). We wish that each family of our Eparchy be wise enough to build their house on the rock of the Word of God (Mt 7:24). It should become a lamp to guide us and a light for our path (Ps 119:105). It is important that we turn our own lives to be that “good soil” in which the divine sower plants the Word and it may bear within us fruits of holiness, “thirtyfold, sixtyfold, a hundredfold” (Mk 4:20). In this regard, the following activities are planned for this year by the Eparchial Bible Apostolate:

Eparchial Bible Festival

Special Bible reading promotion Month, in December (Bible Vayana Masam)

This year the Eparchial Bible Festival will be conducted on 4th November in Bristol. The rules and regulations are already made available. The Regional Kalotsavams are to be completed before 14th of October 2017. I hope the priests those who are coordinating the different regions will conduct them in time, in consultation with the priests and lay leaders in their regions. I expect your wholehearted support and cooperation for the activities of the Eparchial Bible Apostolate. Kindly give your suggestions to Rev. Fr. Paul Vettikkattu CST, Chairman, Commission for Bible Apostolate.

In the month of December, our church lives the liturgical season of Annunciation and we reflect on the Word, the Word that existed from the beginning, the Word that was made flesh and the Word that dwelt among us. It is befitting that during this month, we focus on Bible reading, reflecting and truly living the Word. Immaculate Virgin Mary is the role model for us in this regard. She lived a life based on the Holy Scriptures, prepared herself and she was filled with the Holy Spirit to receive the Son of God in her womb. Like her, may each one of us prepare ourselves, our families, family units and Parishes/Qurbana centres, to receive the Word. Let us reflect on the Word and to share it and thus take part in the evangelization of the world, the primary mission of the Church. The Bible Apostolate invites and encourages all to prepare themselves to celebrate this month as “Thiru Vachanamaasam” and to identify and arrange suitable activities that will help all to receive the Word in their lives. May the Word made flesh who won victory over death, sin, and evil, rule your lives,


Yours in our Lord and our God,

Mar Joseph Srampickal

Bishop, Syro-Malabar Eparchy of Great Britain